Coaching Courses
Every team needs a coach. But where do these coaches come from? Many are parents that have played the game or in some cases there has been nobody else willing to do the job. As we all come from different football backgrounds and experiences so will our coaching styles and ideas.

The Football Federation of Australia (FFA) has recognised this and developed Community coaching courses with us in mind with the aim to improve the level of coaching available to players at the grass roots level.
There are four FFA courses available to coaches, or would be coaches, to help you with training sessions and ensuring that our Basin kids are getting coaching as good as anywhere else.

They are:
• Grassroots- Under 6-8, 3 hours, Cost : free, Date: 28 March
• Skill Training course – Under 9-13, Cost: $30 out of pocket to coach, Date: 4 Wed nights April, May
• Senior Training course – Cost: $30 out of pocket to coach, Date: 28 February, 1 March

All courses are held at Shoalhaven Football Association grounds at South Nowra.
There are no exams or lectures but all practical instruction from Football NSW accredited coaches.
The more qualified coaches we can get the better the experience for the kids and the stronger the club becomes. Please think about participating in these courses as the benefits well outweigh the time spent doing them.

Check out these recourses for coaches at all levels